About The Dove's Voice

Sauti Njiwa Ministries is a Swahili name meaning-The Dove’s Voice. It is a 501 (C) (3) Public Religious charity founded in 2003 in the Metropolitan Washington D.C, region.

Mission: Our charity has two fold missions:
1. Training emerging leaders in the community one at a time.
2. Identifies early childhood development in education, health care and shelter.

Leadership: Sauti Njiwa Ministries (The Dove’s Voice) is a mission training Organization that presents a rationale and process for strategic envisioning in the life of a leader. And our Vision is "Sharing to bring people into experience of fellowship communally“

Equipping Communities:
We are a growing multi-ethnic Community integrated health leader development ministry. We are committed to dynamic, authentic, and contemporary worship to pursue the lost people, win them to know Him, and move the new and the old disciples to spiritual maturity. Sauti Njiwa Ministries (SNM) is responding the call to share the absolute truth in equipping emerging leaders-:
To plant and build growing effective leader development of the African people. God’s first priority in developing a leader is to refine his character. He chose Jacob for himself, the people of Israel for his own. God enables the leader see spiritual principals that govern ministry that pleases Him. We trust that God Himself has called us for this mission and has chosen the community that he is sending us to serve for his own.
To lead people on to God’s purpose. When we have Him, we have all, He is everything: teacher, leader, salvation, healing, deliverance, eternal security, peace, joy, Spiritual strength and power, holiness, faith the fruits and gifts of Spirit. God takes time and a variety of experiences to move a potential leader through the transition from receiving to giving.