Sauti Njiwa, along with other community organizations, is working through networks of community-based, grass root organizations, to provide essential services to the underserved and vulnerable children.
The Children: We support-: Underprivileged, Orphan, vulnerable children.
Vision: Reaching out to show love, peace and hope to underserved, orphans, children and meet their needs. Our very mission with children is to use the power of grassroots action to help them get the excellent public education and strong support they need to thrive. We envision a society where all children receive the education and community support that will enable them to live successful, fulfilling lives. A society where parents and guardians who are concerned citizens are engaged and vigilant in ensuring that elected officials make decisions in the best interest of children and families. Every child is entitled to a meaningful childhood live to receive education, healthcare, and safety.


Children, who are regularly malnourished, for a prolonged period of time, normally suffer permanent cognitive impairment and immature physical growth. Malnourishment, even in its less severe forms, increases children’s risk of contracting such illnesses as diarrhea, measles, malaria, and pneumonia.
We plan in sharing knowledge of community-based organizations and community leaders who may be able to assist with the engagement process. Assisting with formal introductions to particular community leaders who can serve as key informants to begin the process of outreach and engagement.