Media Ministry

Broadcasting is not something that people say and form opinions that “mega-churches” can do miracles. Believers who are called and dedicated, small congregations or individuals can also accomplish significant outreach as they band together to reach a large area when they have the appropriate professional leadership, guidance and assistance. It is hard work! If it were otherwise many more would be doing it. We believe that anything done in God’s way will always succeed no matter how long it takes. Radio evangelism develops a strong outreach to many listeners, young, old, saved and unsaved. The third Angel’s message found in the book of Revelation 14:6 must be fulfilled.


The wrong kind of music will undermine the best efforts of our spiritual instructions. As a general rule, the music director of a radio station is more powerful than all the postors, teachers, and parents combined; while they have people for just a few hours a week Radio has them the rest of the time! Help us put this awesome power to good use for the Kingdom of God.

A Warning...

It is sad to realize that the work, which the church has failed to do in a time of peace and prosperity, she will have to do in a terrible crisis, under most discouraging, forbidding circumstances!


Music softens and prepares people's hearts and is an important element in worship.


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Sauti Njiwa East-African Radio

Imagine the word of God opened to an audience of millions of listening ears. Radio is the most powerful media tool to influence the way people think. Sauti Njiwa Media is working to provide God's last message of peace, hope and truth to those hungering for salvation. Our programming is designed to bring men and women into fellowship with God and prepare them for Christ's soon glorious return on earth. Our desire is to reach people with a Christ-centered message of peace, love and hope through the "Uhuru wa Yesu" (Freedom in Christ) broadcast.

Bringing the gospel of Love, peace and hope to all nations - This is Sauti Njiwa Radio!

Listen, as Pastor James transmits the gospel message to you through the airwaves of Sauti Njiwa Radio: "Jesus is Lord and he is coming soon to take us home to heaven! Read Revelation 14:6..."


For Sauti Njiwa radio to to carry on the work of Radio and TV evangelism it needs your spiritual and financial support now! Therefore we invite you to make a difference with a tax-deductible monthly offering/donation to this exciting God-inspired ministry.
  1. Funding for construction of a studio in Nairobi
  2. Funding for equipment and outreach activities
  3. Funding to staff the ministry
  4. Missionary volunteers to help where needed
You cannot out-give God. Just connect to God and connect to our vision in prayer. God will meet all financial needs to accomplish his work.

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